Don Abram Harris Cigars
It's Who I Am

My name is Don Abram Harris and I am the owner of “Don Abram Harris Cigars”. I am the first African-American to manufacture premium hand rolled cigars in the United States. Never able to ignore a challenge, being “you will never be able to do it”, I stepped up to the plate by being the first African American to ever sell a consumable product to the Federal Government – the US Navy.

I was born and raised in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and I am the youngest of 7 children. At 44 years old, I long ago determined that I am an entrepreneur at heart. There is nothing like!creating your own company, watching it grow and knowing that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it, along with a great deal of effort. I have found when you place your dreams in God’s hands, He makes your dreams a reality and helps you overcome the obstacles you face along the way in getting to your destination. In 2007 I met one of Puerto Rico’s seasoned cigar veterans who had been in the cigar manufacturing business since the age of 7 years old. He encouraged me to begin the process of starting up my own cigar company. I took his advice and direction, and this was the beginning of fulfilling my long awaited dream. It took me a moment, but I am well on my way to reaching my goals. I am at a place where I’ve wanted to be since I was a teenager - making and selling my own cigars to the world.

I have owned a couple of businesses over the years that were very profitable. I started my own moving company at an early age and established my own over the road trucking company, where I had a fleet of tractor trailers and drivers moving produce from north to south and east to west. In addition I am 51% owner with Potomac Products Health line - a profitable internet vitamin company that sells health products on line. I am currently working to get this product sold in stores as well.

I love the big things in life so I am always looking for ways to improve on what I have, extend myself in some challenging way and to be a blessing to someone in need. I see life as continuous opportunities to grow in knowledge and wealth. By being steadfast – always staying on point, unmovable in what I am trying to accomplish and always abounding – moving forward, I am constantly staying ahead of myself and others and ever growing in the process.