The Event Planner organizes, facilitates and executes special events, large gatherings and functions under the Don Abram Harris Cigars name; Additionally, the Event Planner researches, organizes and plans Don Abram Harris Cigars’ participation in industry events and expos that will help build the company brand to retailers and cigar smokers.

To do this job well, the candidate must be able to set up events that may be attended by as few as 50 people or as many as thousands. Each event will have its own needs and requirements, and it is up to the planner to ensure that a feasible schedule is drawn up and followed. You will need to be able to make smart decisions on the needs for each event’s cigar stock, beverages, food and refreshments that will suit the occasion as well as marketing materials.


  • Research and familiarize yourself with cigar industry organizations and their events and make recommendations as to which ones we should associate with.
  • Plot and plan Don Abram Harris Cigar Tasting Tour locations coordinating with Sales Territory Managers, Retailers and VP of Sales and Marketing.
  • Identify and secure venues for events in addition to acquiring permits.
  • Coordinate transportation, location support, arrangement of decor, furniture and marketing material needed for each event.
  • Determine logistics, including cigar stock, food and beverage needs and establish date(s) and alternate dates for events.
  • Review and recommend assets and services used for events.
  • Directly coordinate and manage event staff including logistic/staging stuff and cigar girls.
  • Report directly to the VP of Sales and Marketing.
  • Willing to travel for extended periods of time.
  • Work environment will often be in cigar smoke filled atmosphere.

Qualifications & Skill Sets

  • An associates degree or grater in Event Planning or communication ( Preferred but greater work experience in leu of degree will be considered );
  • Documented 2 or more years experience in event planning or marketing;
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written;
  • Must have outstanding organizing skills, this includes time and resource management;
  • Be skilled in negotiating prices for goods, services, and locations;
  • Strong customer service skills;
  • Able to think quickly on your feet; must be able to adapt and make smart decisions quickly.