Who's Don Abram Harris Cigars

Great aspirations begin with great ideas! a saying that definitely holds true. I have always loved a great smoking cigar and wanted to create my own. I succeeded by introducing the Don Abram Harris Cigar line at the 76th Annual International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association ( IPCPR ) Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV July 13-18, 2008 where they made their first impression on thousands of retailers and cigar enthusiasts.

Great effort was put into creating the brands exclusively blended for the Don Abram Harris Cigar line. Don Abram Harris Cigars are premium hand rolled, made with the best island seeds found only in Puerto Rico's Utuado mountains and the Dominican Republic's Yaque Valley, by one of the most respected Puerto Rican born premier cigar artisan! Our cigars currently come in two of the most recognizable shapes and sizes the Churchill and Robusto. Each of our cigars are unique from others and are sure to please smokers of all palate levels.

Don Abram Harris Cigars are premium cigars and hold their own next to any of the other high quality cigars. The 15 year old, aged tobacco boast a refined taste right out of the box. If you cigar store doesn't carry Don Abram Harris Cigars, give them our number and we will organize getting them some for you.

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