There are a few questions we get asked a lot about Don Abram Harris Cigars, our products, our history and our business model. While we make every effort to spell it out on the pages of our website. It is just nice not having to weigh through all navigation links and pages to find a simple answer to a simple question. These are the answers to the more Frequently Asked Questions we are asked.

The majority of the tobacco we use comes from our plantation in Puerto Rico. However, our limited edition cigar created for the fraternity Omega Psi Phi has Nicaraguan (Cuban Seed) binder and filler. Finishing off the presentation of our cigars you will find a mix of US grown and fermented Connecticut Shade, a dark African Cameroon or a Brazilian Maduro wrapper. One of Our Cigars even has a light infusion of 150 Anniversary Grand Marnier. One thing is for sure we have a cigar that you are going to like.

Many mistaken the name Don Abram Harris as the full name of the owner and call him Don as his first name; However, "Don" is given as a title in this and many other Cigar companies cases. "Don" has it's origins in most Latin cultures and was reserved for royalty. As with most words used these days the title was adopted in other cultures. In the cigar world it seams that "Don" is given to the owner of a brand but observation has lead me to believe that it is given for more than a passive owner but a hands on involved owner that leads by example and has earned the respect of his employees. This is the case in Abram Harris. With his "Hands On" involvement and keeping his fingers on the pulse of every activity in the production of his products he has earned the title, in our eyes of "Don".

Don Abram Harris Cigars has it's corporate offices in Lexington Park, Maryland; our plantation and manufacturing crew, from our Escojedor and Ligador to our Tabaqueros are all located in Puerto Rico; we also have and continue to build our sales team to cover all areas of the US and abroad.

Don Abram Harris Cigars is a premium cigar manufacturer. Our cigar line, like many of our fellow premium cigar manufacturers covers a wide selection of taste and strengths. It is this reason that we believe that only through Qualified Tobacconist can you truly find a cigar just right for you. Of course we encourage you to expand your palate and try all of our cigars but if you are new to the experience of cigar smoking a Qualified Tobacconist can lead you to the path of discovery.

The second reason we sell through Qualified Tobacconist is for the care they take in insuring every cigar they sell is kept right for freshness and integrity of our brand. To experience a Don Abram Harris Cigar visit one of our Official Retailers; if your favorite Cigar Bar/Lounge doesn't carry Don Abram Harris Cigars ask them to give us a call.

I can only guess why you haven't heard of Don Abram Harris Cigars; and that guess would be because our marketing efforts, until now have only been testing the waters at a few locations, to get a feel for how our cigars will be received. Don Abram Harris Cigars LLC was formed in 2007. Our first cigar, the En Passant and our company was introduced to the Tobacco Industry at the 2008 IPCPR ( International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association ). Since then we have been focussing our efforts up and down the East Coast up until now venturing West. Many of our East Coast fans have been sharing our cigars with their friends in the west and they are eager to get their own.

As for our cigars our first filler & binder tobacco crop was harvested in 1993 giving us the perfectly aged tobacco for "Out-of-the-Box" enjoyment.